Ready for Adoption…

Check Out The Below Animals, they are ready for adoption. All current on shots!
All adoptions will have an application process and fee.
ROOT loves to root around. He is the sweetest little boy. He is still under a year old and gets along with my other pigs so well. He loves his veggies! He was a rescue and I believe he is half boar and half potbelly because he is much different then my other truly domesticated pigs. He was not suitable for 4H. Has a dip in his back. Healthy happen and intake.
Charlie is a water hating, mud loving mini pig. She is house trained and good with other animals. She is just over two years old, comes to her name, and loves to eat everything but mostly pumpkins.
Paula Dean is a sweet sweet lady. She doesn’t like zucchini but loves everything else edible. She plays in her kiddy pool daily and loves to run with the dogs. Potbelly pig almost two years old.
We have rabbits for adoption. Serious inquires please email us to see which ones are available. We are always getting more, almost daily it seems.
Defcon is a DEAF American Bulldog. He is sign command trained. He knows come, go, sit, and stay. He is perfect in house and great in kennel too. He walks well on leash and wants lots of room to run, but is so calm and lazy too. He is 3 years old.

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